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A Home Brew Yoga Retreat

So you have heard a lot of chatter regarding Yogi retreats. That you may need to go to farflung places like Italy, Spain, South America or even Bora Bora. They can be far from home and cost some serious dollars just to get there for 2 weeks or so.

You do not need to go the distance to accomplish your goal as an aspiring Yogi. You can have a yoga retreat in the comfort of your own home!! If you have been frequenting  the studio for awhile more than likely you have acquired a few yogi friends already.
Here is what you need to do as a means of preparing  for your own yoga retreat at your own domicile, perhaps on some chosen weekend convenient to you and friends.

Your home needs to be organized to accommodate the number of fellow yogis who will be attending. Perhaps the furniture may need some rearranging in a chosen area of your home. Simulate the studio as much as you are able to make everyone feel at home.

Clear your weekend of any other obligations/appointments! Full attention is need for your retreat time! Focus Focus Focus!!!!

What are you going to eat through the weekend of Yogic wonderment? Plan meals ahead of time. Seems like asking your invited attendees some preferences would help in this area. Further making this aspect of planning as worry free as possible. Regarding electronic devices – turn them all off if at all possible.This is the time for communicating with your inner self. You want to now begin pacing down the velocity at which your life is traveling – especially the mental aspects.

You could set aside some times during which absolute silence is to be maintained.These can be chunks of time agreed to by everyone for dedicating to one’s inner being. During retreat time a goodly amount of Yoga should be done. You can now do different styles of Yoga – see if you can work out in different areas of your home creating a variety of atmospheres. Meditation, as usual should be an integral part of your sessions. Try to cleanse your mind of it typical conditioned/programmed state. After all, word has it the average person has about 70,000 thoughts/day coursing through one’s grey matter. That is a lot of brain “clutter” to have step aside, at least temporarily!