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Amber Scented Back Flow Incense Cones




Cultivate a sacred space with incense that awakens!

Incense is used to create a myriad of experiences — from grounding and ethereal to an invitation to the divine! Indulge in a scent that transforms! 

Our Amber Scented Backflow Incense Cones are perfect for any space to not only help guide your daily practices but to make your dwelling smell a little sweeter!

  • 70 incense cones
  • Sealed in an airtight container
  • Expertly crafted for a controlled burn
  • Creates a beautiful aesthetic

People love our backflow incense cones not only because they last forever — they come in a container of 70 — but they’re different from traditional stick incense in that they burn more evenly and better control the amount of smoke that is produced. 

Experience an incense that is as much mystical as it fills your space with sweet wonder!

  • Natural color
  • Drilled cones
  • Conical shape 

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