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Backflow Incense Burner – Waterfall Buddha




Incorporate a tiny buddha while you light our backflow incense!

Watch the herbal smoke softly tumble from our waterfall buddha backflow incense burner and set your intentions with a room filled with relaxation and peace.

  • Small, perched buddha design
  • Neutral gray color
  • Perfect for backflow incense cones
  • Relax and unwind 

Set the tone of your space in whatever you’re doing with a backflow incense burner! Invite relaxation and calm with our neutral gray incense burner with a tiny buddha design. Made specifically for backflow incense cones that create the right amount of herbal smoke to create a cascading appearance! Shop today

  • Height in Inches: 6
  • Width in Inches: 5.5
  • Diameter in Inches: 3.5


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