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Himalayan Salt- Shot Glasses




Each Shot Glass holds roughly 2oz of liquid. Not cheap glass or plastic shot glasses. Not skinny, wimpy shot glasses. These are thick, masculine shot glasses perfect for slammers, tequila shots, fireballs… you name it. And with salt shot glasses, there’s no need to dip the rim in salt.

These glasses are for real tequila lovers! Enjoyed by the Hollywood elite and celebrities alike. As these are 100% natural, size, shape, and color does vary.

Beautifully crafted shot glasses made from the highest quality salts. Each shot glass is made with a generous amount of salt for a dense consistency and masculine appearance.

Also, since there’s no need to dip the rim in salt, this set is perfect for true tequila lovers!

100% Himalayan Salt.

So Get Yours Today!

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