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Love Affair

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This Healing Heart collection brings deep, human feeling to life as seen in the artwork of abstract expressionist Julia Contacessi. Luxurious designer yoga mat constructed with non-slip, natural rubber and premium synthetic suede top providing anti-slipping grip and protection for all yoga practices. ” Love affair Mat”

Dimension: 68 x 24 inches (174 cm x 61 cm)
Thickness: 3.0 mm
Weight: 2.5 kg

• Ultra-absorbent synthetic suede top; the sweatier, the more grip.
• Natural reversible rubber base.
• Personalized monogram feature available.
• Water-based inks, guaranteed to not wear out from yoga practice.
• High-density cushion, joint protection, unmatched support.
• Eco-friendly packaging and yoga mat strap included.
• Non-toxic, emissions-free manufacturing, 100% latex/PVC free.

Use & Care
This Sugarmat is ideal for all level and type of practices, especially hot yoga
To Clean: hand-wash or machine wash at a delicate/light cycle. Use natural soap if need it. Hang to air-dry.

Made to last a lifetime, the bottom rubber is sourced from 100% natural rubber, while the top is made of synthetic suede with non-toxic materials. Water-based inks making this yoga mat biodegradable and sustainable.



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In Addition, other mats available!!

Authentic Sugarmat!

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