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Yoga Block – Plum




Helps yogis in your life to create beautiful moments during their practice. Designed for the newbies and intermediate yogis, the block will support her body in a bridge pose, to lift her in a seated twist, and will have her back in any pose.

✔ Made of high-density and sturdy EVA foam for long-lasting durability.

✔ Featuring beveled edges for soft, firm and easy griping! Lightweight and Non-slip even sweat.

✔ Make difficult yoga poses accessible to beginners and those with injuries or physical limitations.

✔ Moisture-proof to avoid growing bacteria! Cleans easily with a little soap or detergent to wash away the odors.

✔ Easy to travel, perfect for at home use and in the studio.

✔ Wipe to clean

Dimensions: 23x15x8cm / 9×5.9×3.1in
Weight: 0.33kg / 0.74lbs
Material: EVA