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Root Chakra: Feeling secure through Life’s Journey!

To live free of socially imposed restraint is to live in the world of self. When the world demands for you to achieve or maintain a certain “ Social” image it can be very disruptive to the balance of self which we work hard to achieve.

See for those like myself in the search of self-knowledge and inner peace, pollutants such as social and monetary demands, politics, and world events, can highly disrupt the stability between mind and body.
Here are some things to keep in mind:

Muladhara, the Root Chakra located at the base of the spine requires a positive balance. It represents the center of instincts, self sufficiency and survival among other things. When this chakra is not positively balanced one may feel unable to deal with the pollutants mentioned above.

When in your Hatha practice try activating this Chakra in poses such as:

Half warrior ( Ardha Virabhadrasana)- From downward facing dog step your right foot forward between your hands, with your knee directly over your ankle. Lower your left knee and foot down to the ground. On an inhale, raise your arms slowly up to your knee and then all the way over your head, placing your palms together. Make sure to press down into your right foot while also pressing into your left knee. Feel your pelvic bone being rooted down. Don’t forget to repeat on the other side.

Bridge ( Setu Bandha Sarvangasana)- Lying on your back, bend both knees and place feet on the floor, hip width apart. Move your arms alongside your body, with your palms facing down. Your fingertips should be touching your heels. Press feet into the ground, on an inhale lift hips up, rolling the spine off the ground. To lift your chest, press down into your arms and shoulders. Engage your legs and buttocks to lift your hips higher.

Bound Angle ( Buddha Konasana)- In a seated position, bring the bottoms of the feet together allowing the knees to fall to the sides. Press hips down and reach the crown of the head up towards the ceiling. Relax the shoulders and press knees down for a great hip opening stretch.

Locust ( Salabhasana)- Lie on your belly with your arms along the sides of your torso, palms up, forehead resting on the floor. Turn your big toes toward each other to inwardly rotate your thighs, and firm your buttocks so your coccyx presses toward your pubis. On the next exhale lift your head, upper torso and legs. While pushing into your pubis and belly continue to lift as if you were being pulled up by your fat toe and hands. Lengthen and reach up with each breath allowing for the breath to energize the pose. Maybe you can go a little further!

Always remembering to breath deep, envisioning the breath reaching the base of your spine. With each inhale bring in positive and with each exhale expel negative. End your practice in the Lam Mantra.

In the search for balance this Chakra is the first step in achieving the inner- self that you’ve been wanting.
Never forget to “ Aspire to Inspire”

See you on this beautiful Journey, Namaste
– Indra