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Transcendental Meditation

How would you like to participate in an enjoyable activity. One that advantages your heart and your brain functions, that relieves stress and make you feel like a new person… and it only take minutes a day! The answer my be in Transcendental Meditation!

This Yogis is the world of Transcendental Meditation. Celebrities such as The Beatles, Clint Eastwood and Hugh Jackman have been known to enroll in this TM practice.

Paul, John, George and Ringo were known to have spent considerable time with The Great Maharishi, to learn this practice. They used this practice to minimize the great stress in their individual lives.
Therefore, this particular meditation technique dates as far back as 1500B.C.  in India. It utilizes what is known as a silent mantra meditation; a mantra being like a sacred utterance unto oneself.

The mantra is like a healing for the soul – can actually turn negative states of mind into positive ones. Individuals can actually choose their own mantras depending upon their own personal search whether for love, health, happiness etc.

Practiced about 20 minutes twice per day;  by teachers certified in this area of instruction. It is quite interesting to note that the movement of transcendental meditation has a global presence of teaching locales,schools, Universities, health centers etc. with a net worth of around $3.5 billion U.S.D.

The real beauty of TM is that anyone can do this! You do not need any unique qualifications. There is no need for having a particular IQ level. There are no age barriers to worry about. Forget worry – after all that is the idea! Just have the desire to simply meditate toward your true inner self.

Maharishi, created the guidelines used by trained instructors all over the world. To place oneself on the correct path with TM one truly needs the guidance of a teacher trained according to the rules of Maharishi. The goal is to attain a thresh hold of enlightenment, a state of calm and peace. The goal attained no matter how busy one may be mentally; you are searching to dissove the stress of the day to reach a state of clarity and clear thinking. Further, trying to open up ourselves to the full value of our lives! If one can accomplish this each and every day imagine the happiness that can be created in your mental state and outlook!!!

It is very interesting to note the great Maharishi Yogi possessed a masters degree in physics from Allahabad University in 1940. Shortly thereafter he began a personal search for the more profound definitions of life. Doesn’t this sound just a little familiar?!?!?



Activate your higher energy!