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Taboo: Should You Mix Wine and Yoga?

The Holistic approach is part and parcel in the development of the human being into a complete person. It says the physical and mental state of a person cannot be divided or separated. The very foundation of Ayurveda, created thousands of years in the past, says that a sound mind and spirit is the strongest path to nurture and maintain a healthy body. The ultimate goal is for the individual to attain his/her highest potential at whatever they choose to do in life.
Yoga is certainly all about achieving and sustaining a balance between the physical and the spiritual. The roadmap to achieve this balance can take many paths and travel in various directions.
No matter what we ingest into our bodies or type of Yoga we choose to practice the goal is to achieve in concert as complete a person as possible – the Ayurvedic way. As mentioned in previous writings, Yogis of today have rather different  approaches for achieving the BALANCE we discussed before.
Should we eat this or should we drink that; yes, no – well, maybe!
That is a conversation that can be carried on for hours and one can become well educated in the process. You may end up staying with your own rules, or perhaps incorporating some new ones and apply to your own way of directing your life. You may choose to be a Vegan because that was the true way of the ancient Yoga masters, or perhaps  you love the taste of meat, fish and poultry that these items must necessitate a part of your ‘healthy diet’.

Key idea:

As long as it works for you in search for that illusive balance between body and spirit. And furthermore, I will consume absolutely zero alcohol as that would be the way of the ancient Yoga leadership. I believe it is quite safe to say that we have come a long way in 5000 years plus!!!

It is true that wine and wine tastings are becoming a more serious aspect of the Yogi lifestyle in concert with the correct dieting. There are now Yoga retreats all over the world that incorporate wine tastings as part of their programs along with gourmet food cookouts. California and Italy are two excellent examples. This makes sense because we drink for similar reasons in practicing Yoga – to relax, unwind and feel better especially after, for example a tough day at work. The two together can be a powerful combination to end the day on a high note!  But, it is suggested to perform your Yoga moves and then imbibe your favorite wine! – be it a white or a won
derful Cabernet.
At this point of the day, individually because you love wine as much as your favorite Yoga motions (or almost) and you are not restricting yourself to a “no wine” lifestyle like the ancients, in a common sense manner you intend to enjoy a 2-4 ounce glass of your favorite wine with dinner – just to help wash down one of your very health conscious meals! Ah – the freedom of being your own Yogi!!
The original Yoga masters would be proud of you demonstrating an independent spirit in the true Yoga tradition.
Remember – they did not forbid wine consumption they simply did not partake or support it!
Bon apetite and enjoy life to the max!